Face wash for oily skin

Looking for a perfect face wash for oily skin amidst so many skincare products is definitely as daunting as finding diamonds in the sea. For people who still haven’t found that one product balancing between effectiveness, price, and accessibility, the hunt itself becomes one of the biggest challenges in dealing with oily skin. In Pakistan, they just want to keep a clean slate where the climate brings out the natural oil output of our skin; rather, it is more about attaining that fresh, matte finish throughout the day. 

Be our guest as we unravel the secrets behind our Fute’s formula, instilled with ingredients carefully chosen to fight excess oil without stripping away essential moisture. From Pakistan’s humid streets to Lahore’s bustling markets, this face wash is the perfect companion in the quest for a refreshed, oil-free matte complexion. Discover in this blog how our commitment to quality and innovation comes alive in every lather, offering our consumers a compelling solution for their oily skin concerns!


Introducing our revolutionary Oil-Free Face Wash, meticulously formulated to transform oily and acne-prone skin with a potent blend of skincare superheroes. This gentle yet effective formula cleanses and purifies the skin, refreshing the user after use. It targets excess oil and impurities without stripping the skin of essential moisture for a balanced, refreshed complexion. Our Oil-Free Face Wash is remarkable—with visible results—for all those really seeking a dependable solution against breakouts for clearer skin. Be it occasional flare-ups or persistent acne concerns; this face wash will work like your partner in getting your skin to look great.

Now, let’s take a look at that mighty blend of skincare superheroes that makes this face wash utterly exceptional!


  •  Exfoliates dead skin cells, clears pores, and enhances cell turnover
  •  Reveals smoother, more refined skin.
  •  Helps to brighten a dull complexion.


  • Regulates sebum levels without drying out the skin.
  • Maintains skin’s natural moisture barrier for lasting hydration.
  • Evens out uneven skin tone and texture


  • Defends against free radicals and environmental stressors
  • Fades dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
  • Increases the synthesis of collagen, thus increasing skin firmness and elasticity.


  • Hydrates skin inside and helps soften it to prevent dryness.
  • Soothes and calms redness in sensitive skin.
  • Boosts natural barrier functionality of skin towards resilience


Oily skin is one of the common skin types, characterised by excess production of sebum, a natural oil produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin. The excess oil appears as a shiny complexion, greasy feeling on the skin surface, and an increased risk of developments of various problems like acne and enlarged pores.

Managing oily skin is all about finding a balance: it involves effective cleansing to rid the excess oil without stripping away the essential moisture. Most effective oily skin routines will have ingredients like salicylic acid or niacinamide that can help regulate the production of sebum in your skin and clear your pores. A non-comedogenic product with a consistent skincare routine can help reduce most oily skin problems and reveal a clearer and healthier complexion. The sebaceous glands play a very important role in skin physiology, especially in protecting and hydrating skin tissues, although various triggers might set them off:


  • GENETICS: This can also include the type of skin one has, how much sebum its production can produce, and the like, which could be influenced by some genetic predisposition.


  • ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS: Humid weather and exposure to heat can stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil.


  • OVERWASHING: Paradoxically, too frequent washing or the use of harsh cleansers can actually strip natural oils from the skin surface and thus trigger it to produce more sebum to replace them.


  • COSMETIC PRODUCTS: Certain skincare and makeup products, especially those containing heavy oils, can contribute to the oiliness of the skin.



The trick to keeping oily skin healthy is to strike a balance between cleansing, hydration, and using products that help in excess oil control but do not dry out the skin. Knowing its causes and characteristics, one may decide on the best face washes and skincare routines to keep the complexion clear and well-balanced. Get balance into your skincare with this face wash from Fute, specially formulated for oily skin. Intended to give clarity and assurance, our formula cleanses excess oil and fosters your skin with gentle, effective ingredients. Picture waking up every morning—your skin fresh, and matte, no shine to plague your day. Knowing that Fute is really concerned about quality and results, with every wash, you’ll know you’re one step closer to your skincare goals.

This is not just a face wash; it’s an entire skincare routine in one bottle. See the change with our Oil-Free Face Wash: clear pores, oil control, balanced hydration, and radiant-looking skin that speaks for itself. Daily use can’t get more perfect than this—daily dose for healthy, oil-free skin, every wash. Feel confidence and rejuvenation with each application, and let your natural beauty radiate effortlessly.

Get the first step to healthier, glowing skin today. Join millions of others who have experienced life-changing brightness with our oil-control face wash. Whether occasional oiliness hits or you just need a daily dependable solution, our face wash is the partner for a problem-free, balanced complexion. Make the choice your skin deserves, and order now!

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