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Dr. Afzal Lodhi is a highly experienced dermatologist, widely considered one of the best in Karachi, Pakistan. With extensive expertise, he offers a broad range of services including Burn Surgery, CIT for Skin Tightening & Scar Correction, Carbon Facial, Double Chin Treatment, Electrocautery,

Hydra Facials, Laser Treatment, Nail Infections, RF for Skin Tightening, Dr. Afzal Lodhi Also Expert in Removal of Moles & Warts, Skin Tone Improvements, and Vampire Facial.Dr. Afzal is a leader in dermatology, pioneering the introduction and development of advanced dermatology treatments in Pakistan. He is a renowned skincare expert,earning adistinguished reputation for his significant contributions to dermatology and cosmetology. He also own a skincare brand fute.

Dr. Afzal Lodhi holds an MBBS, an MSc, and a Diploma in Dermatology, making him a highly qualified professional with extensive knowledge of both traditional and modern cosmetology procedures.

He has received hands-on training with the latest technology and equipment, aiming to provide exceptional services to his Pakistani clients through his diverse academic background.

Afzal Lodhi actively works to raise public awareness by utilizing every available platform. He speaks out on various forums and significantly contributes to the community as a researcher, writer, public speaker, and professional in his field. As a prominent media personality,

many of his interviews and short videos on skin and hair care issues are available online. Dr. Afzal is dedicated to educating the general population, consistently advocating for beauty care and sharing his expertise as a medical professional.