Fute Shines as Gold Sponsor at 1st IoBM Sports Blitz 2024


With over 5000 enthusiastic participants, the IOBM Sports Blitz 24 event, organized by IOBM’s sports society “Vanquishers,” was a roaring success. Fute, a leading name in skincare innovation, proudly took center stage as the Gold Sponsor at the 1st IoBM Inter University Sports Blitz 2024, held from Monday to Thursday, April 22nd to 25th. This dynamic event provided an ideal platform for Fute to showcase its commitment to holistic well-being and community engagement.

Engagement Beyond Boundaries

Fute’s booth was abuzz with energy as visitors delved into the brand’s philosophy of “Protect, Prevent, and Repair,” which deeply resonated with hundreds of IoBM students, faculty, and staff during a vibrant Below-The-Line (BTL) activity.

The Science Behind Fute: The 3 Colors Philosophy

  • Protect in Vibrant Orange: Orange embodies our steadfast commitment to shielding your skin from harm and disease. Acting as a protective barrier, we ensure your skin stays healthy and unscathed.
  • Prevent with Serene Green: Green signifies our dedication to preventive care, nurturing your skin to maintain its natural radiance and resilience. By preventing issues before they arise, we instill confidence in your skin’s appearance.
  • Repair in Calming Blue: Blue symbolizes our pledge to repair and revitalize damaged skin, unveiling its inherent beauty and vigor. We are here to mend and rejuvenate, ensuring your skin remains in optimal condition.

Educating Through Interactive Displays

Fute’s presence at the event was marked by interactive displays to unravel the science behind skincare. One standout attraction was the “Wall of Cards,” where students explored Fute’s core principles of Protect, Prevent, and Repair. Each card represented a facet of Fute’s scientific approach and provided valuable skincare tips to empower attendees in their skincare journey

Engaging Through Hands-On Activities

Fute’s Archery Game: A Skincare Adventure

Fute’s Archery game added an exhilarating dimension to the event, providing participants with a unique opportunity to engage with Fute’s core skin care principles in a fun and interactive way. Aligned with Fute’s science-based approach to skincare, the game tasked participants with hitting targets representing different colors, each symbolizing a key aspect of Fute’s skincare pillars.

As participants aimed to hit their targets, they experienced the thrill of the game and gained a deeper understanding of Fute’s commitment to protecting, preventing, and repairing skin issues. Each successful hit was met with excitement as participants received free samples of Fute products corresponding to the color they hit—a tangible demonstration of Fute’s commitment to personalized skincare solutions.

A Glimpse of Excellence

Visitors were treated to a diverse range of Fute’s premium skincare products, including Facewash, Skin Brightening Cream, Skin Brightening Face Wash, Sebum Control Sunscreen, Vitamin C Serum, Acne Clarifying Gel, and Emollient Cream. The high-quality formulations, coupled with international standard packaging, left a lasting impression on attendees.

Through the Archery game, Fute entertained participants and educated them about the importance of skincare and provided them with tangible rewards to enhance their skincare journey.

Powering Through Personalized Experiences

The response from students was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing appreciation for the opportunity to interact with an internationally recognized skincare brand. Through hands-on activities and personalized skincare recommendations. Fute empowered attendees to take charge of their skincare routines and embrace the importance of holistic skincare practices.

Importance of Fute’s Sponsorship at IOBM Sports Blitz 24

Fute’s IOBM Sports Blitz 24 event sponsorship highlights the collaboration between two entities that promote overall well-being and community involvement. By partnering with IOBM, Fute shows its backing for educational endeavors and emphasizes its commitment to fostering health and vigor among students. Fute’s sponsorship actively engages the student body, providing valuable insights into skincare and advocating for healthy lifestyle choices. By participating in events like the IOBM Sports Blitz 24. Fute aims to motivate students to prioritize skincare and general well-being.

Strengthening Ties Within the Community

Fute’s sponsorship enhances bonds within the community and cultivates positive connections with educational institutions like IOBM. Through active involvement in campus events and projects, Fute reaffirms its dedication to social responsibility and contributes to society’s improvement.

A Resounding Success

The event’s success extended beyond the bustling activity at the booth, with many students opting to purchase Fute products on the spot. Additionally, Fute has since witnessed a surge in online orders from IoBM students. Reflecting the event’s profound impact on brand awareness and consumer interest.

Capturing Memories, Creating Connections

Fute’s interactive media wall provided the perfect backdrop for countless selfies and group photos. Students enthusiastically shared their experiences on social media. Using hashtags such as #futeprotect, #futeprevent, and #futerepair to amplify their excitement and engagement.

A Collaboration for Positive Impact

In summary, Fute’s IOBM Sports Blitz 24 event sponsorship demonstrates its commitment to holistic well-being and community engagement. Through innovative skincare solutions and educational efforts, Fute empowers individuals to lead healthier, happier lives. Together with IOBM, Fute aims to create a positive influence on the lives of students and communities. By demystifying skincare science and offering personalized experiences, Fute continues to empower individuals to prioritize their skin health and happiness.

A Glimpse to The Fute Skincare Products 

  • Acne Clarifying Gel: Formulated to target acne and blemishes, this gel helps clear the skin while promoting a clearer. Healthier complexion.
  • Sebum Control Sunscreen: Designed to protect the skin from harmful UV rays while controlling excess sebum production. This sunscreen helps maintain a matte finish throughout the day.
  • Skin Brightening Cream: Infused with brightening agents, this cream helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone. Revealing a brighter, more radiant complexion.
  • Skin Brightening Face Wash: Gentle yet effective, this face wash helps cleanse the skin while promoting a brighter and more even complexion.
  • Vitamin C Serum: Packed with antioxidants, this serum helps brighten the skin. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and promote a more youthful-looking complexion.

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